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Psychiatric Follow-up Appointment

If, after the initial meeting (the psychiatric evaluation), it is decided that you would like to continue to see the psychiatrist for talk therapy, medication management or both, you and the psychiatrist can choose to make another appointment.


Follow up appointments are booked by 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes time slots.  The 15 minute appointment is generally for discussing purely the medication.  In the medication management appointments, questions such as ‘How is it going for you? Is it helpful? Not helpful? Are the side effects?’ will be discussed.  The 30 minute and 45 minute appointments are generally booked for individuals wishing to add a talk-therapy component in addition to discussing the medication.


The role of family


When the person with ADHD is a child or adolescent, parent(s) can be an integral part of the treatment.  During psychiatric appointments, there is flexibility.  Sometimes the child will have a part of the appointment devoted to 1:1 time with the psychiatrist.  Then, the parents may have 1:1 time with the psychiatrist, and then everyone together can have time with the psychiatrist.  There are no predetermined rules when it comes to this.  Each appointment is tailor made to the patient and family and what works best.


The role of play


Communication is the key to a positive and useful visit with the psychiatrist.  For some patients, play can be useful.  Drawing, playing with toys or games or engagement with a dog in a therapeutic way can be helpful.

To make an appointment for a psychiatric followup appointment, please email us at info@adhd.ny

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