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Individual Psychotherapy

The ADHD.NYC treatment center offers a holistic approach to managing your or your child’s ADHD.  Each of our psychologists are trained in evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and client-centered therapy.  Our individual psychotherapy sessions have the goal of helping each person function at their best by developing skills which improve aspects of cognitive functioning, including organization, time management, listening, memory, and overall academic and professional development.  Individual psychotherapy also aids in managing common challenges that are associated with ADHD, such as social functioning. 


Our clinicians are also well-versed in the treatment of individuals who present more than one psychiatric diagnosis in addition to ADHD, such as autism, anxiety, or depression, and individuals who present multiple learning challenges.   We recognize that ADHD does not look the same way in every person.  Our individual psychotherapy is tailored to fit each individual and family’s specific needs.

To book a psychotherapy appointment, please email

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