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Mindfulness Coaching

When you are living in New York City, where everything is rushed and fast-paced, having ADHD may come as a serious challenge.  You may find it even more difficult to stay focused and present, when you are having constant outside stimulations.  Practicing the art of mindfulness can help children and adults with ADHD gain a state of open and active attention on the present.  Mindfulness is the act of being aware of what is happening around you and within you.  Mindfulness based interventions are commonly used in forms of cognitive therapy. 


In the context of ADHD, mindfulness impacts attention, but also so much more.  Practicing mindfulness can enhance other higher order executive processes that are associated with ADHD, such as impulse control and task completion.  Mindfulness also helps improve an individual’s responsiveness, flexible thinking, and compassion.    At ADHD.NYC our mindfulness coaches will help you cultivate new ways to respond to life’s challenges. 

To book an appointment for mindfulness, please email

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