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Nutrition Consultation

Maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet is key to having a healthy lifestyle.  Nutrition and eating certain foods can have a large effect on individuals with ADHD.  Difficulties with impulse control can lead to an increase in obesity rates in people with ADHD.  Impulse control problems can also lead to individuals consuming foods that are higher in fat and higher in sugar.  Adults living with ADHD may find it difficult to meal prep, a key to eating healthy, because of difficulties in time management and organization.    


A nutrition consultation will help you figure out what changes in your lifestyle and diet can improve your symptoms of ADHD and overall quality of life.  Meeting with a nutritionist may include discussing dietary approaches to ADHD, such as eliminating certain foods from your diet.  A nutritionist will also be able to help you with time management and organization in regards to your dietary needs. 

To book an appointment for a nutrition consultation email

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